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LifeXperiments is based upon a simple premise:

There’s more.

Don’t stop; Don’t settle.

Take your next right step.

You’re a leader who influences others. But you need to be moving forward, personally, as you help others grow, change, and take their own next steps.

We need you.

We need you to be you.

You have a unique design—same as no one. You’re an original…with art, and passion, and purpose in your soul.

It’s true—as you know—for each person that you influence.

But here is where many people go wrong: They pursue practical life change while ignoring the spiritual… Or, they pursue spiritual growth while ignoring the practical.

The spiritual and practical are inextricably linked.

This is the unique contribution of LifeXperiments. We take the practical self-help seekers and usher them into a strangely familiar encounter with their Creator. At the same time, we help the religiously inclined to step back from what might be hindering frameworks and see that life is simple… and spiritually practical.


You’ll find that we regularly update our blog with new experiments, new ideas, new possibilities for positive change.

We like interesting things—creative things. And we like when you share with us your own ideas and the outcomes of your own experiments.

The only place we want you to stay is in touch. Otherwise, keep moving forward!


We have books…

We have workbooks and DVDs…

We have an audio series coming soon…

And, if you are leading a CHURCH or organization, and want the total package (which we strongly recommend), learn more about it here.


My Near Death Experiment is our first campaign that has already had a profound impact on thousands.

Let our team customize your campaign experiment for maximum impact.

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Here’s to the journey…

Here’s to purposeful progress…

- LifeXperiment Team
Huntington Beach, CA

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