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My Near Death Experiment

Proximity to death brings clarity to life. What if you could have the life-changing effect of a “near-death-experience” without the pain, the hospitals, the drama, and the potential loss? What if you could live a more meaningful life now—while it’s up to you—and be happier, more fulfilled, more alive…? What if…


40 Days to a New You

Your health is much more than diet and exercise. Most people fail to reach their physical goals because of non-physical issues. 40 DAYS TO A NEW YOU is an accessible and inspiring look at living an all-around healthier life. It’s broken up into 40 daily readings that are simple, straight-forward, relatable and thought-provoking.




Campaigns for your Community

My Near Death Experiment was built with your people in mind!sidebar-launchingJan2015

Caleb Anderson participated in the design and launch of the Purpose Driven Campaign at Saddleback Church. He’s since created life-change campaigns for the YMCA, Race for a Soldier, Young Life, and lots of churches. Our team is ready to help you create a massive “win” for your people!

LifeXpriments will help your church (or organization or group) create a My Near Death Experiment Campaign tailored to your leadership, your community, your calendar, and your priorities. The material works. And we’ll help you make it work for you.

Call us for a no-obligation chat: 949.431.LIFE (949.431.5433)

You can view many of the supplemental tools and components at

Email Kaycee for more information:


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