Experimenting with Happiness — Part 2

“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”—Charles Spurgeon

You don’t have a blessing problem. You have an identification problem.

Your happiness level would be through the roof if you simply RECOGNIZED all the blessings you already have!

Can you taste? Can you talk? Do you have people in your life who talk back? Who encourage you? Are you breathing? Are you warm and not freezing to death? Can you get in a car or plane and go almost anywhere in the known world? Did the sun come up today? Is today new and different and full of every kind of new opportunity—waiting to be seized? Could you start a business if you wanted to? Could you go to school if you wanted to? Will you eat at least one full meal today? If you went missing would someone miss you? Have you ever experienced the loving touch of a human who cared about you? Have you ever experienced the awareness that God is here…God is with you…God is for you?

Do you know that you’re blessed? I mean, really. YOU ARE BLESSED.

Here’s the thing, if you can’t find your blessings now, you’ll never think you’re blessed. If you can’t enjoy at least one aspect of God’s generosity NOW, you’ll never enjoy your life.

Our culture sells self-focus and consumption as a means of pursuing happiness. Then it sells you legal and illegal drugs when you realize self-focus and consumption doesn’t work.

The secret to happiness is gratitude. The key to enjoying your life is being thankful for your life.

There’s a tension here, because you’re an achiever. And that’s good. You’re driven. And that’s great. But nothing out there will fully and finally satisfy you.

Progress is important. But you must find peace along the journey.

Peace + Progress

 You won’t find peace (happiness, contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment…) at some future place of achievement. Peace is uncovered in the journey, in the quiet of your soul, even now.

If you want peace, pause and be thankful. If you’re going to be happy, practice habitual gratitude. Literally, count your blessings.

Then, go and make progress. Inspired by the reality that you are loved, God is good, God is for you, and God has not forgotten you…go do something significant.

…After all, you’ll have an increasing sense of God’s blessings the more you bless others. (More on that next time.)


  1. Write down the things you can be thankful for.
  1. Pray for peace, knowing that God is with you, and is for you, and loves to bless you.

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11

  1. Plan for progress. Be driven by a healthy sense of self and connection to your generous God.
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caleba22Experimenting with Happiness — Part 2

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