About Caleb Anderson

About Caleb Anderson


I was particularly shaped by my dad’s commitment to hard work, my mom’s heart for serving others, and the steadfast faith that grounded them both. Oldest of three sons and eleven grandkids on my father’s side, I grew up with a conviction that I was an example to others. But you’ll see in my writing and speaking that I’ve also had to learn the hard way that I’m kind of a mess, and can’t take myself too seriously.

Recruited to USC to play men’s volleyball, I jumped at the opportunity. After all, academic merit alone might have been a stretch. On the court, I learned that there are a lot of guys bigger, stronger, and faster than me. But hard work and character pay off. My teammates voted me captain of the team my sophomore year—even though I was a second-stringer. Off the court, I discovered that a four-hour-per-day volleyball schedule cut into my ability to master the intricacies of finance and investments. Fortunately, when I stumbled upon a Business Communication emphasis I moved my way from the center of the bell-curve to the front.

In business school, I learned how to write with a purpose and get to my point. From Rick Warren (during my stint at his mega-church), I learned that you can reach more people by writing in a way calebandersonthat is conversational and relatable. But, ultimately, I found my own voice through practice and through pain. The pain of practice, but also the pain of life. I think that people are impressed by strength, but we are inspired by those who overcome weakness, failure, and disappointment.

I write to inspire. I speak to encourage. And I communicate because somewhere along the way I became convinced that God designed me to create content and contribute who I am and what I’ve learned in hopes that I might help others live life to the full.

Lastly, let me introduce you to the joys of my life, Hilary and baby Jack! We live in Huntington Beach, CA where the following goes down all the time:

  • beach volleyball—south of the pier
  • boardwalk bootcamp/pilates—where Hilary crushes me
  • chipotle—mostly at Main St/Yorktown
  • sports—my TV weakness
  • homeland—my other TV weakness
  • giggles and poops—Hilary and I giggle, Jack provides the poop

Lead Pastor
Mariners Church
Huntington Beach

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